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WA: Bipartisan Bill Would Prevent State from Assisting in Federal Marijuana Crackdowns

WA: Bipartisan Bill Would Prevent State from Assisting in Federal Marijuana Crackdowns

A newly filed bipartisan measure would prohibit government employees (including any law enforcement official) in Washington from assisting in a federal crackdown of marijuana businesses that are legal under state law.

Individually packed grams of cannabis being sold in Washington.

House Bill 1895 was filed by State Representative David Sawyer (D), and is cosponsored by Representatives Cary Condotta (R), Brandon Vick and David Taylor (R); it has been assigned to the State Government, Elections & Information Technology Committee.

According to the legislative digest of the measure, it; “Prohibits a public employee from assisting or expending state resources to aid or assist the federal government with respect to an activity or inquiry related to a federal action or effort that might have the effect of impeding, obstructing, or interfering with the functioning or continued operation of the state laws, regulations, procedures, systems, or public agencies related to marijuana.”

Representative David Sawyer is also the sponsor of a measure to legalize cannabis deliveries, a measure to protect patients from employee discrimination, and a measure to allow cannabis retail outlets to sell seeds and plants to patients 18 and older.

Click here for the full text of House Bill 1895.

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