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Can Biblical Cannabis Defeat Satan? We Are About To Find Out

Can Biblical Cannabis Defeat Satan? We Are About To Find Out

Biblical Cannabis Used to Smoke Out Satanic Leaders

In news, we can guarantee you won’t hear anywhere else, there is a petition or movement being brought forth to the attorney general of Kent County, Rhode Island that may be one of the most unique cannabis walks ever organized.

Is the march for patient’s right or medical cannabis legislation?


Is the request for organization due to a rally for using cannabis as a medical oil?


This request submitted to the attorney general is for a 60 mile, 9 day walk, during the Christmas and Hanukah season, for the use of biblical cannabis in saving the world.  How is biblical cannabis going to save the world you might ask?  By offering biblical cannabis to the Satanist church leaders in Massachusetts, or smoking them out.

I shit you not.

The request submitted by Rev. Dr. Alan Gordon is requesting permission for a 9 day walk from Rhode Island to Massachusetts in order to “smoke out” the Satanist church leaders in Massachusetts in order save the world.

If you think Massachusetts, which recently approved recreational marijuana to go with their medical marijuana program, didn’t have enough Satanist problems from the Salem witch trials of the 1600s, it gets worse.  Salem gets pulled back into the equation and blamed again.

Per the request:

In 1636, at a Well on N. Main St, Providence, RI founder Roger Williams invented religious freedom, after being intolerantly driven from Salem MA by possessed Puritans.  This year’s novena, therefore, will take the form of a 60-mile foot pilgrimage, retracing Roger Williams’ religious freedom-establishing steps backwards, from Providence RI’s Well where religious freedom was first founded, to Salem MA, the birthplace of religious intolerance from whence Roger Williams was first driven.  Sadly, Salem is now the site of a Satanic Temple and its clergy need to be offered Salvation.  It is our experience that authentic Biblical Salve, following the Biblical recipe (which contains KNH BSM[5]), is the best way to dispel Satan’s power, and so Salvation must be offered.  It is not open for debate, as the fate of Satan’s HQ means the survival of our species is at stake.

There is one hiccup.   Some of the walkers and leaders of the movement are out on bail right now for felony marijuana charges.


They need to have a small guarantee that the walk won’t end in paddy wagons for the leaders.

Also, noted:

This pilgrimage is compulsory for us, the undeniable result of cosmologic and astronomical intelligent design of the matrix of solar and lunar calendar, MA’s legalization date, church locations, street routes, towns, historical personae, Biblical passages and  Roger-Williams’ Providence-to-Salem route.  By falling well inside MA’s statute, our religious procession completely circumvents disturbance of the unconstitutional RI statute (the one we sued you over) during the delicate gray area time when we are on bail for activity we claim is fundamentally protected even during bail.  

Again, I shit you not.

Will the honorable Jay Sullivan, the attorney general of Kent County, allow the felons to walk with cannabis and smoke out the satanic leaders of the Massachusetts churches? 

Will the demons of Salem, Massachusetts get high as a kite during Christmas, oh, I mean get exorcised from the hallowed grounds of Salem, Massachusetts?   Are the spirits maybe, looking forward to this smoke out and hoping for a warm day with Grateful Dead music playing for their exorcism.

Stay tuned as we will have live coverage of the walk if it takes place.

To join the walk or lean more, click here.




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